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Simple, fast and secure way to manage entrances to facilities

Easier access control procedure for guests

Running one of the world’s largest ski resorts between France and Switzerland in the high season means dealing with thousands of people a day and creating endless queues at the turnstiles of the lifts.

The answer to such a case lies in an RFID Skipass

Together with the end customer, a fully customised RFID ISO15693 skipass was designed: the shape is a snowflake with the logo laser-printed on it, and the material is wood to increase the sustainability of the project as well as to make the tag ‘special’.

With the use of the RFID ski pass, access to the ski slopes is easy and immediate: the readers at the ski lifts recognise the presence of the tag, so the person in possession of it, holding it in his or her pocket, can pass without having to stop (‘hands-free access‘).

This system allows or denies access to the lifts to people with tag: in this way it was possible to offer customers a simple, quick and safe way to live their experience on the snow, as well as simplifying the access control and monitoring system for guests.

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