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Increased safety for employees 

Reduction in production time, errors and material waste


Handling of items under control 

 In a large production with different types and different aluminium processing, it is necessary to track the handling of products and to know their status in real time automatically, in order to better manage storage and order processing.a.

What contribution can RFID technology make?

This is the case of an aluminium producer (coil) that has adopted RFID technology to manage the automatic warehouses and the processing status, all without any human intervention.

The harsh industrial environment could hinder the operation of the RFID system. To avoid this problem, the on-metal RFID T-Rexy tag was chosen in the nylon version, more robust and solid, fixed with bolts on the support structure of the coil.

This architecture has allowed to safeguard the safety of workers thanks to the entire automated solution, to know in real time the exact location of the product and its processing phase, improving also in terms of time, errors and material waste.

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