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Rapid traceability of goods

Accurate position data

Low cost and easy installation

Warehouse logistics: the main need was to know in real time the position of the metal crates within the company, to optimize their research and reduce the time of moving the crates as well as having a fast and reliable information.

How to make this kind of logistic easier with RFID?

To allow this, it was chosen to use a BLE Beacon for about 400 metal boxes: sending a radio signal to the Repeaters, the Beacon allows you to locate the metal bins inside the warehouse.

In such an industrial environment, characterised by high temperatures, humidity and shocks resulting from the handling of caissons, it was necessary to find a support that would protect the tag, which is why the silicon Wall Mount case, riveted to the boxes, was used.

This results in fast material traceability and precise location data sharing, with low costs and easy installation.

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