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Fast, secure and simple monetics system

Easier access control procedure for both staff and guests

A modern Italian marina that offers security and comfort for those coming from the sea: clubs, restaurants and beach all in the same area.

How to make nautical tourism management easier with RFID?

The proposed solution was an RFID card in badge format, given to boaters, marina staff and leisure service customers. Two types of badges: one for pedestrian and vehicular access management, the second for monetics, then for payment of restaurant and beach services.

This system allows or denies access of people with badges to the various areas, but it also controls the entry and exit of vehicles from the port’s parking area with the same logic.

The e-money solution, on the other hand, handles payment for guest services: from the pre-loaded RFID card, the amount of each service is then deducted upon detection of the card by readers.

With this architecture, it has been possible to provide customers with a simple, quick, and secure way to experience the marina, as well as simplify the access control system for both guests and marina staff.

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