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Easier control of the growth of various types of plants

Keeping track of waste and felling dead plants

Reusable tag in multiple seasons

Faster stock verification

A South African company, involved in the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes, needed a plant tracking system to fit the strict guidelines for obtaining an export licence.

How was RFID used?

A specific tag was used for this type of environment, the Vivary Tag, placed on the Cannabis plants, which acquire in this way a unique identification, to track and trace them throughout the development process, from seed to the final stages of growth.

This system also allows stock verification to be carried out more often and drastically faster (about -80%) because it can be done by scanning the tag directly from the vehicle passing through the fields.

The use of the Vivary Tag made it easier to manage the growth of multiple varieties within the same field, allowing the accurate recording of collected and discarded plants for each type. RFID also enabled the tracking of discards and the culling of diseased or dead plants.

A further advantage of using the Vivary tag is its reusability: it can be used for multiple consecutive seasons

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