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More accurate inventory

Automated library management with less employee intervention

Fast and customised loan/return process

Reduced management costs

A municipal library system has adopted RFID technology to create innovative services and thus encourage the local population to use them.


2 types of tags for 2 different uses: PVC badges in credit card format and adhesive RFID labels (to be affixed to CDs/DVDs in round CD Label format and paper labels for books).

RFID badges have been given to readers to enable them to access the self-check, used for identification and for book withdrawal and return operations: after identification, the user places the book, CD or DVD to be returned or withdrawn at the station, thus registering the operation and obtaining a receipt.

Back-office management is also optimised, as all assets (books and audiovisuals) are equipped with an RFID sticker that uniquely identifies themthus streamlining the activities of inventory and document search on the shelf.

This has resulted in a reduction in management costs and a lower workload for librarians, a more accurate inventory and a faster and more personalised loan and return process for the user.

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