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Easy traceability of the leather in the production process

Automatic monitoring of the progress in the production phases

Dealing with valuable materials such as leather for high-fashion supply chains means being in control of the entire process from processing in the tanneries to transfer to the various customers.

What can be done with RFID technology?

After quality control, an RFID tag is riveted to each individual leather, which thus acquires its own unique electronic identity: this allows it to be detected along the processing line at RFID stations located in the tannery.

The tag in question is a White Disky SLIX in size 35mm, a custom-shaped tag made of PVC and plasticised to withstand chemicals and leather processing without damaging it, thus guaranteeing the highest product quality.

The use of RFID technology in this case leads to an agile and reliable traceability of the leather in the production process, also monitoring its progress from entry into the factory to its exit with dispatch to customers, all in an automated way.

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